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CitiCorp has, over along period of time "cemented relationships and forged strategic alliances" With Global Business Partners. CitiCorps "Strategic Alliance partnerships" have always been established to enhance the overall Vacation Ownership Experience of our Members.

Licensed Marketing Agents - World Class Investments

These Two Master franchises were appointed under license as CitiCorps primary marketing Agencies Worldwide. They were selected and appointed due to their extensive experience and impeccable standards. With over 25 Years experience and an enviable track record, CitiCorp is proud to be associated with WCI.

Consumer Protection - Hutchinson & Co.

Hutchinson & Co. is Europes largest and most respected Trustee Company, with offices worldwide creating Consumer Security and protection "Across International Borders". Hutchinson & Co. complies with the strictest European Community Standards for Consumer Protection available in the Industry today. It now provides protection assurance for more than 100,000 families in 55 countries with assets in trust valued at over $500,000,000 (US Dollars).

Membership Benefits - Rediscover

REDISCOVER is one of the leading "Member Benefit Programs" worldwide, with specific Hotel Discount programs offering up to 50% discount to our members. REDISCOVER caters for all the travellers needs, with exiting "Fine Dining Discounts" coupled with "Discount Shopping and Entertainment offers" REDISCOVER and WCVC Membership combined create the Worlds finest Vacation Ownership Product.

Travel Partnerships - 360 Travel Network

360 TRAVEL is one of CitiCorp Strategic Partners, allowing us to utilise their Travel Network for preferential Travel Bookings and special Industry Rates. This alliance has allowed CitiCorp to enhance its portfolio of benefits available to members of WCVC.

Product Management - The Tumas Group

The World Famous Hilton Hotel in Mata and other resorts properties are either owned or managed by The TUMAS GROUP who are the largest Hotel Group in Mata. The Tumas Group have had a very close relationship with CitiCorp and its principles for over 20 years, both working together for the promotion of Tourism in Malta and the advancement of Vacation Ownership in Europe.

VIP/Corporate Travel - Euro Jet

Private Jet service for VIP members and Companies in the Mediterranean. Members who need to travel in style with flexibility and privacy. The Aircraft are available and on standby.