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"I spent an incredible 6 weeks holiday on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. My family and I enjoyed the very high standart resorts. The flexibility of World Class Club and their VIP - Bonus Breaks, has me, planning next years holiday already!" - Dr. J. Khoury, Orlando, USA

"We never had enough time for each other and never enough for holiday! After purchasing a membership at World Class Vacation Club, it forced us to change our lifestyle. We plan to take holiday every year! This year we were in France and next year we plan to be adventurous and try South America!" - Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Montreal, Canada

"I have used my World Class Vacation Club membership not only for myself, but was able to give my son a "Wedding gift he will never forget". A honeymoon holiday for two weeks in Australia. A great product." - Mr. C. Larsson, Malmo, Sweden

"We spent two memorable weeks in Singapore and Thailand! The people and places have given me memories that I shall never forget! A fantastic way of holidaying!" - Mr. and Mrs. Kruger, Munich, Germany

"We joined the World Class Vacation Club recently and immediately set out to "test the system". The customer service was excellent and helped us to enjoy a fantastic week in Florida, followed by a week in Canada. Definitely worth every penny we spent!" - Mr. and Mrs. R Girichand

"After the initial worry of trying a new Holiday System, we had memorable Holiday experience when we spent two weeks in Malta! My family would like to thank World Class Vacation Club for giving us a truly flexible holiday product!" - David Arwen, Manchester, UK

"I have always dreamed of visiting Caribbean! Thanks to World Class Vacation Club for making our dreams reality!" - S. Miloslav, Prague, Czech Republic