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The founders of CityCorp in their early days focused on conventional Real Estate development and sales of single family homes. In 1978 however, they entered the Hospitality industry through various vacation property holdings that became the prelude to the Vacation Ownership industry in Europe.

In those days, customers bought a part of a house to use each year, for a particular time period and shared the running costs with other owners. Back then, the idea was that those clients would "buy time" in one particular apartment and return annually. They were quite pleased with this arrangement until over the years, boredom set in.

That was the Model of the Past!

After twenty five years of comprehensive experience in the hospitality industry, World Class Vacation Club has emerged as the exciting answer to changing travel trends and rewarding holidays experiences, delivering the best holiday club of its kind to the people that matter most: our members.

Today, we know that no one wants to be tied down or restricted by where or when to go to anywhere. We learned that and more from our customers over the years. In fact, it was our customers who taught us what they needed and inspired our Development Team to redesign our products. Therefore we wish to thank all of our customers, whose ideals and values helped shape and mold the foundations of WCVC today.


"Its our members unique quest for freedom and insatiable appetite for adventure and luxury that inspired this21 st Century solution." "We have built quality alliances and assembled stunning properties in our resort portfolio to form a truly unique and "private global vacation community" giving our clients their own new World."